Character & Mental Toughness- Where We Are

“We didn’t grow up with the sense that where we are is where we were gonna be. We grew up with the sense that where we were almost didn’t matter. Because we were becoming something greater.”– Will Smith

Cuttino spent a decade in the NBA.

Phil made it to the NFL as a player and is coaching in the NFL.

Sarah has been featured on a TV show and shared the stage with some of the most talented people in the world.

John has starred in movies and is one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. His charitable work is personal and unparalleled.

So many more are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, coaches, business people, tradesmen, entrepeneurs and servicemen & women.

At one time they sat before me in a classroom, similar to most every other classroom. Or they were on a practice field, like any other practice field. I was their teacher or coach.

Most high school kids are focused on where they are at. So too some college students, as well as some people older. They are busy being where they are.

But others, like the ones above back in the day, are focused on where they are going. Not a destination on a map, but on a person they are going to become. Each day matters to them because it is another day of preparation. Another day to take a step forward towards their goal.

For some of them it takes a little longer because they start with a little less talent or maybe less resources. But they will get there. They will become the person they want to become. Because each day, every day, they take that little step forward. They never lose focus on who they want to be.

They are busy getting better, while most of the people around them are busy getting by.

You may not become a media star or professional athlete, a Supreme Court Justice, or world renowned physician, a millionaire or the world’s best dad, but won’t you be better for your efforts to become one?

I am not here to say I made a difference for those people I mentioned. I didn’t. I am here to let you know that I have seen first hand what is possible if you live each day with a purpose; if you have the courage to take the steps to become who you want to be.

I am here to to encourage you to live each day getting better, instead of just getting by.

“Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, & soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer.” -Oprah

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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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