Character & Mental Toughness – A New Year’s Resolution

As we reach the end of a particularly tumultuous year and the beginning of a new one clouded in uncertainty, I feel empowered that my core belief still holds true. I also remain just dumb enough to believe it can help us solve our many issues moving forward.

What are those issues?

On the national scene we do not have a budget problem, a debt problem, a drug problem, a political problem, an education problem, a climate change problem, a wall street problem, a welfare problem, a crime problem, a gun problem, a distribution of wealth problem, a funding problem, etc.

Those are not problems.

They are symptoms of the same problem.

On the sports scene we do not have a language problem, a media problem, a coaching problem, an HGH problem, a referee problem, a strike problem, a defensive problem, a playing time problem, a sports analyst problem, a game announcer problem, etc.

Those are symptoms, not problems.

Finally, in our own lives we don’t have an eating problem, an exercise problem, a family problem, a homework problem, a video game problem, a spending problem, a time management problem etc.

Those are symptoms of a larger problem.

I hope with the coming of the New Year you will begin to see that our symptoms are universal and vary only in the scale and the peculiar circumstances of a given event. I hope you will embrace and share a simple unifying vision, one that can change ourselves and our world.

But first we simply must come to realize that these singular issues, and countless others, will never get better if we continue to only discuss and address these symptoms. Instead we must look at the core malady that they stem from; a debilitating lack of character and mental toughness.

Character & mental toughness do not occur by chance. They must be taught. Experience will teach them, but that is a slow process and there is a much more expedient way. Learn about them. Learn how to see how they are at the core of almost every problem you encounter, we encounter. Then teach character, teach mental toughness. Teach your kids, your players, your employees, your students, your community about the importance of character and mental toughness. Don’t be discouraged by those unwilling to see and hear. I accept that plenty are hopeless. But there are so many out there that will appreciate your efforts to make their life and their world better; and those who embrace the vision will pay it forward the rest of their days.

That’s why I started this simple little blog. I wanted people to see the role that character and mental toughness play every day in their lives, and really in their every decision. I saw how they lead to sustained success in sports, education, and life. I’ve seen how they changed my life and how every year they change the lives of my students, my players, my friends, and colleagues.

In less than a year this blog has had 12,000 views. I’m just a small town teacher and coach. If I can help people understand, so can you.

Please help someone see the importance of character and mental toughness this year. If you do, we will make our symptoms diminish because we will be fighting the illness itself. We will help others become more aware and strengthen ourselves in doing so.

There is a means to sustained success I call the “Character Way” and a means to inevitable failure that I refer to as the “Easy Way.” The ability to see the two in our daily lives, in our endless decisions, and then make the appropriate choices is an incredibly powerful tool.

If you don’t believe me, then think about the role character (humility, attitude, initiative etc) & mental toughness (the ability to keep that character once things get difficult) play in New Year’s resolutions. Think about how drastically lives can change based on adherence or lack of adherence to those simple resolutions.

I can tell you right now whether those resolutions will be achieved or not based on an individual’s level of character and mental toughness. Breaking a resolution is a symptom, not the problem.

Let’s take care of the problem first.

Focus on the building of character and mental toughness, and achievement will follow.

We can do better, together.


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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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2 Responses to Character & Mental Toughness – A New Year’s Resolution

  1. “In less than a year this blog has had 12,000 views. I’m just a small town teacher and coach.”

    12000 high quality touches bests millions of drive-bys. And what’s a shame is that 12,000,000 don’t get the benefit of the wisdom from this “small town teacher and coach.”

    Happy New Year to you and your family Bill. Keep up the inspirational posts.


  2. Thank you David for your ongoing support and your wonderful blog!

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