On Character and Mental Toughness – Has Arrived!




Read Coach Moore’s new book “On Character and Mental Toughness” available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

The premise of the book is simple; your plans, however brilliant, will ultimately succeed or fail based on the character and mental toughness of those who must carry them out.

“On Character and Mental Toughness” by William James Moore is an easy to read handbook on the process you go through to consistently succeed at anything. It’s the book you read to set the foundation before you turn to mastering the specifics of your academic, athletic, business or personal endeavors.

If you have already set off on your journey, this book will remind you of the vital fundamentals that you may have missed or forgotten and compel you to see how they enhance or detract from your mission. It’s a valuable tool packed with insights for those who want to get going and keep going. Within the book leaders will discover a means to articulate what it takes to succeed as an individual and team member.

“On Character and Mental Toughness” also tells the story of a teacher and coach who turned to lessons on character and mental toughness as the basis of turning around a struggling program while overcoming his own significant personal difficulties. In the end it teaches a focused progression of traits which allow you and your team to avoid “The Easy Way” and take “The Character Way” in each daily decision. This is the key to achieving consistent success.

For your convenience, “On Character and Mental Toughness” is  available in multiple platforms. The paperback may be found via this link to Createspace. Createspace is the Amazon company that prints the book. It is also available for Kindle here. The free Kindle App is the gateway for iPhone/iPad readers. Finally, your local Barnes & Noble may not have a copy on hand but they do carry it and you can ask them to get a copy for you and make the purchase there (click here to see the book on the B&N site).

The measure of a person’s character and mental toughness is the space between what they are doing and what they could be doing. -bmoore

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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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3 Responses to On Character and Mental Toughness – Has Arrived!

  1. B. Scott says:

    Coach Moore is a true gentlemen and highly respected coach. His accomplishments as a football coach are admirable; however, what makes him truly special is the quality of man he is away from the game. Bill Moore is a big guy, with a big heart. Many times over the years, I have observed Coach Moore preaching life lessons into the ears of his players, while also stressing the power of character to anyone who would listen.

    Coach Moore, like the great old-school football coaches we have read about e.g. Vince Lombardi, believes that character is a quality that embodies many important traits, including integrity. Being accountable and responsible on and off the field is one of the under-valued lessons that coaches can teach their players. According to Coach Moore, it should be the first thing we share with and while developing young athletes.

    One of the things that has always impressed me about Coach Moore’s teams is how hard they play for him, their school and their town. No matter what skill level his teams had, opposing coaches could always expect one thing when they play against a Coach Moore Bomber team- one tough, physical game, against a program with a tremendous sense of pride. His teams play hard from whistle to whistle, from the beginning of the game, to the very end.

    B. Scott

  2. B. Scott says:

    Several years ago, I took a head lacrosse coaching position at a local high school. The team’s reputation had been tarnished, as a result of many factors, and one of our goals was to work together to build and reestablish a lacrosse program, which the players, school and community could all be proud of. Our lax team was very young. One of our first games was against a powerhouse Westfield team. Coach Moore was the Defensive Coordinator for the Bombers lax team. We were a huge underdog, to say the least. Our team tried valiantly to compete and despite a few brilliant moments, we lost handily. I was proud of my team. The players did the best that they could, however, were no match for a much a bigger, stronger and more experienced program and team. Losing was not something I was used to dealing with. Before this, I had been an assistant coach for one of the state’s best high school lacrosse teams. The youth teams I had coached rarely lost. I also coach high school football. As with lacrosse, these teams had proud traditions and had won many championships. Therefore, on this date, I found myself searching for inspiring and encouraging words.

    While standing outside my locker room thinking about what I was going to say to my team, Coach Moore entered the building and came over to me. I had developed a friendship with Coach Moore over the years, through working with him at football camps and through our interactions when our high school football teams faced each other during the season. He commended me for how hard that my team had played, and for their good sportsmanship. I smiled and was impressed that he had taken the time go out of his way to speak to me, all the while thinking about how hard his players always played for him, whether it was a lacrosse or football game. Now, most opposing coaches would have, if they were in this position, just offered a quick sportsmanship handshake, enjoyed the moment with their team and gotten on the bus and gone home. Not Coach Moore.

    He patiently waited outside our locker room. When I came out, I was surprised to still see him there. He politely asked me if he could address my team. Knowing Coach Moore and the gentlemen that he is, I agreed. In his elegant and moving way, he told my team, as they sat there in awe of this gentle giant, that better days lied ahead. He spoke about character, work ethic and the value and importance of sports and building positive relationships with one another. I will always remember and be appreciative to Coach Moore for his kind words and lessons he shared with us that day.

    After briefly retiring from coaching lacrosse, in 2013, I accepted a position and challenge to coach and work with a new high school lacrosse program. I make certain that I talk about character, mental toughness, leadership, humility, team first attitude and sportsmanship, because with this approach comes team pride, a brotherhood bond and an enthusiasm for competing and playing the game, and most importantly a commitment to helping one another and others, on and off the field.

    The 2013 team that I coached, despite 99% of the team having never played the game before, finished with a 13-3 record, made the playoffs and won the Western Mass Team Sportsmanship Award. Many people were astonished by the team’s success. I have to admit, I was too. However, in hindsight, we had a great group of young men who were willing to work hard for each other. We also had great senior leadership. Our coaching staff and team focused each week on a lot of the things that Coach Moore preaches with his players. Our goals and themes each day, believe it or not, were not centered on winning, or even lacrosse, at times. Each day, our interactions were about how to improve ourselves as players and citizens, and about being a person of good character, building good relationships with others, and appreciating life in general. The players that have graduated will forever have some very fond memories. I am thankful to them for trusting me and having the courage to come out and have fun, playing the game of lacrosse. The players that are returning cannot wait for the season to begin. We will once again be challenged with trying to get a “few more good men” out to experience the joy of playing lax. I cannot guarantee wins, however, I am positive that we will compete with class and honor the game. I am looking forward to 2014 to say the least!

    Thank you Coach Moore. I have always enjoyed working with you at camps, because “you get it” i.e. understand the responsibilities involved in teaching players how to conduct themselves and treat each other. I am grateful and appreciative that I have had the opportunity to work with you and witness firsthand the effect that you have on others. Best of luck in the future. I am looking forward to ordering and reading your book!


    Coach Scott

  3. i was so impressed reading coach Bill Moore’s quotes on Character and mental toughness that i find myself opening my fb every after work just to read some posted on his wall. I’m so proud that with all humility, he accepted me as one of his friend online.

    fr. Philippines

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