Character & Mental Toughness- Pieces from @coachbillmoore

People are often led to webpages by typing terms into a search engine such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing.  The following are just a few of the phrases that people have typed into search engines, and as a result have been led to my webpage.

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My point in sharing some of those is that parents/teachers/coaches/employers are beginning to realize that their children/students/players/young employees have failed to learn mental toughness and are unable to reach their potential because of it. The lack of mental toughness is holding these people back.

I have long held that the fundamental reasons for a person’s success are their talent, character and mental toughness.  The last two can be controlled and improved. I think most good parents/teachers/coaches/employers understand and value character.  However, I think that group has struggled with how to articulate, approach, and attack a lack of mental toughness.

Long ago I got tired of complaining how about how soft people were becoming.  I am not a critic.  I am an educator.  As a football coach, I have dealt with this soft issue for a long time.  Players afraid to hit, afraid to work hard, afraid to endure heat or cold, uncomfortable with any type of correction that wasn’t overly sugar-coated, etc.  Similar issues also take place in my classroom.  Most people can eventually identify the problems.  What they have trouble with is the solution. I did too.  But after years of trying to figure out what to do, I realized I simply have to teach mental toughness. If I don’t, the first time a kid is too hot or too cold, or faced with hard work, or pain, or correction, or he doesn’t start or play the position he wants, or doesn’t make the all-star team, or has trouble managing his time, etc. the kid folds, the parent calls, and the drama starts.  Rather than deal with that routine again, I thought it best to teach kids how to be mentally tough.  I just found you really can’t coach football to kids without mental toughness, and it is even difficult to teach kids in a classroom who lack mental toughness.   I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this, but I don’t have much choice if I want my players and students to be successful.  Along the way I found that many parents, coaches, teachers, and even some business people were looking for ways to teach mental toughness.  I am humbled when they tell me how appreciative they are when they come across this page or see the results we can achieve in working with their kids.

When kids (and adults) are mentally tough, they get their work done.  No matter the difficulty. No matter the distractions. No matter the adversity.  When they get their work done, they succeed.

Of course, a person can remain soft and even do well, but they will never achieve to their potential.  In some places, this is ok.  But not to me.  I try to set the bar higher than average.

As we begin new school years, new sports seasons, and new jobs, give some thought to the words I will share with you below.  Why wait until the problems pop up?  Isn’t it better to prepare beforehand?  I hope you share these words (printing, Twitter, Facebook bars are below) with your friends, your children, your students, your players etc.  I think if you do they will appreciate your efforts in trying to help them get better and reach their potential. The idea is to share the lessons before they are needed.

Those search terms I listed above, and hundreds more,  have led quite a few people to my webpage, but lately, I have been putting thoughts on Twitter (@coachbillmoore) in order to reach an audience that is gravitating toward that medium.  Here they are.  Five or six months worth.  I believe they can help one gain a mindset of character & mental toughness.

  • Lust of ease and comfort absolutely destroys mental toughness and begins to slowly erode ones character.
  • Firemen put the fire out and save the ones they can. They don’t stand around assessing fault 4 the fire. Teach character don’t look 2 blame.
  • When making the problem go away > solving the problem leadership begins to fail. The easy way vs. The character way.
  • Stump the clinician is a game played when someone who is unaware tries to let everyone know how aware they are. It’s an ironic game.
  • The good news is to succeed is simple. The bad news is it isn’t easy.
  • Never underestimate the capacity of people to choose the easy way and justify their choice.
  • A weak opponent does little for those of character. Those without character love situations where their weaknesses are not revealed.
  • mental weakness is revealed in the inability to distinguish criticism from identification of weakness for purposes of correction
  • easy now difficult later, difficult now easy later
  • Anyone can quit something hard. Through character & mental toughness we learn to stick with the hard & quit the easy. Then we get better.
  • In public one can tell if someone was taught character; in private one can tell if they listened
  • The best teams are the ones made up of members who give one another their best character .
  • when people say authentic it sounds so inauthentic
  • Leadership is developing peoples’ character and mental toughness to their fullest. Strong leaders bring out the best in the people they lead
  • Everything you do or don’t do is a test of your character&mental toughness. Everything. Those who don’t know become apparent to those who do.
  • Think about what u want in the fall and you will lift today. Think about what u want today and you will get your tail kicked in the fall, or even worse quit so you don’t have to face the results of your lack of effort
  • Hang out with people you wanna be like, not to be liked by people.
  • Having character & mental toughness are like having superpowers most discount and will never comprehend
  • Wanting it isn’t enough to get it. You gotta find the character & mental toughness to do the work and keep doing the work no matter what.
  • Knuckleheads I put stuff up on my webpage so that the day football ends or the day you graduate isn’t the last day your character grows.
  • winning or losing doesn’t define you, but how you prepare does
  • Those without character and mental toughness can never envision how much they miss.
  • The infant is without self control; concerned only with it’s own needs. Some never grow in character & mental toughness far from this state
  • Talent only gets you so far, then it takes work. Character gets u working & mental toughness keep u working no matter what. That’s why they are key.
  • The achievement gap will only close once we learn to close the character & mental toughness gap.
  • If you want sustained success at something, work on your character & mental toughness and success will follow.
  • My greatest joy in coaching/teaching is seeing my student athletes realize they must become better people before they can become better students or athletes.
  • It’s not that some r lazy, it’s that they lack the vision of how much better they could be if they actually did the work
  • mental toughness = still being able to win though conditions (sleep,refs,hunger,field,boss, health,$,work,ability,weather) are not favorable
  • You can’t put winning on a credit card. It has to be paid, in full, in advance.
  • Each competitive instance presents a price to pay for success. If you haven’t earned enough to cover that price, you can’t buy the win.
  • talent,connections can get you places,but eventually you have to pay a cover charge of character‬ & ‪mental toughness‬ to get in the success club.
  • when events are pushing you forward do you push back or do you push forward? character‬ ‪mental toughness
  • I’ve never seen an obituary that mentions how many hits a player had in their little league game; nor games a youth coach won. Character>wins
  • What separates the good from the great is the willingness to attend to detail. The good simply cant be bothered. They don’t think it important.
  • Greatness requires passion for what u do. Passion makes u realize every little thing you do is important, so you work on every little thing.
  • Want < Need. want=no passion, no commitment = no change = no ring. goes for sports and love. key is don’t fear needing then losing. ‪courage
  • huge difference between winning and losing is the willingness to do what you are coached to do during off season/season some dogs won’t hunt
  • People tell u 2 dream for a reason. Without a vision of the joy of your accomplishment, u will never have the will 2 do the work 2 get there
  • Some aim no higher than the ground they now stand on. Some see no further than the walls now in front of them. ‪#aimhigh‬ ‪#seefar‬ ‪#potential
  • once you do the mental work, you can then make your body work, then the two feed off each other ‪#momentum
  • The 1st thing I ask myself after a win is what’s the next goal? The 1st thing I ask myself after a loss is what needs fixed? ‪#focusforward
  • Sometimes you do good things and it doesn’t work out the way you wanted. When that happens, and this is important, keep doing good things.
  • I wake each day and try to remind myself that one’s character is only as good as today.
  • One of the great gifts of sports is learning how to put the teams needs above your own wants. ‪#sacrifice‬ ‪#humility
  • The minute you think you don’t need a lesson on character (humility, caring, diligence, etc.) is the minute you need one the most.
  • The biggest mistake you can make in life is to give up on yourself. Just reload and try again! You only lose when you quit! Get back up!
  • every once in a while remember this;the game is something fun or a challenge 4 most, but 4 other guys, the team/the sport is all they got
  • mental toughness= applying the best of your abilities and character no matter the situation or circumstances
  • We are slow to change because we lack the perception to see the merits of improvement and the courage to voyage beyond what is comfortable.
  • “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” #noexcuses‬ ‪#nolimits‬ Live your life like that and you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.
  • everything we do evolves from character and mental toughness b/c we believe those 2 things will help us do the work needed to be successful
  • without pain and inconvenience you would never know how much you can endure, without courage you won’t risk them ‪#donthide‬ ‪#mentaltoughness
  • No struggle, no progress No pain, no reward No guts, no glory No work in the shadows, no time in the spotlight #character‬ ‪#mentaltoughness
  • savor the moment when today’s work is well done today
  • I’ve never enjoyed seeing anyone fail @ anything. What I do enjoy is seeing those who fail dig deeper & find the character & toughness 2 win
  • We listen to the people who tell us what we want to hear. So do you want to hear how to get by or how to get better?
  • we make 100 decisions a day; if you really want to get better each comes down to 1 is easy and 1 is difficult; the difficult 1 gets u better
  • #ReasonsWhyILoveFootball‬ it has so many mental, physical & social challenges each day that force you to gain character & mental toughness
  • We spend all that time lifting, running & @ camps. That’s too much for 11 games. But it’s not about that. It’s about the man you become.
  • did LeBron just figure out that if you don’t smile during the game you get to smile for days after? ‪#business‬ ‪#gameface
  • Champions make sacrifices and do now what it takes to be successful later. Those sacrifices take character & mental toughness. Few get that.
  • Accept when it’s time to get uncomfortable, or Except when it’s time to get uncomfortable? A few little letters will come to define you.
  • Go down swinging brother, go down swinging. ‪#pride‬ ‪#competitor
  • Great teams come out in the 3rd quarter and put opponents away.
  • Do you think, “oh this makes sense” when what you’re really thinking is “oh, this is easier” #Dontbelieveineasy
  • If you want to achieve, you not only have to work towards the goal, you have to be strong/smart enough to escape those trying to hold u back
  • when you see a teammate slacking, you do neither them nor yourself no favor when you say nothing about it
  • when your teammate tells u that u need to pick it up, take it as a great compliment; somebody thinks you have more potential to succeed
  • anyone can draw attention 2 themselves, few do so in a way that lightens someone’s burden or inspires others 2 accomplish something worthy
  • nobody likes dedication, hard work, selflessness or sacrifice; but everyone likes what those things can get you #quitlooking4theeasyway
  • everyone can see what others do, but only those with #character‬ and #mentaltoughness‬ can see why they are doing it
  • Everybody works out & practices; it’s doing that with ‪#character and #mentaltoughness‬ that gets you better than your opponents
  • The answer isn’t to quit when facing responsibility. The answer is to man up and face it; to accept the challenge and be better as a result.
  • Avoiding the heat of intense physical & mental competition might make you feel better, but it won’t help you #getbetter
  • we immediately see our love 4 people who save us from the storm, we realize love for those guiding us through the storm much, much later
  • When you see each decision as simply taking the easy way or the character way, life makes much more sense and people more efficiently read
  • You can not build courage and initiative, by seeking shelter when challenged physically and mentally.
  • Football and the hard lifts drive weakness from those with the will 2 C it through. For those who don’t have the will, the weakness remains.
  • Get where you need to be in order to get where you want to go.
  • Somewhere in the future the gate is closing on greatness. Each day you gotta gain ground to get there before it closes on you. #getbetter
  • Learning #character & #mental toughness means unlearning selfishness & ease. This can only be done accepting challenges & embracing humility
  • There is no reset button. There is regret. Don’t look back a month, a year, a decade from now and say you should of played or toughed it out
  • The Easy Way believes in complaining. The Character Way believes in working. Guess which one makes a difference?
  • At some point you are going to be taught a hard lesson. You will either learn from it or quit. Which choice makes you better?
  • Worry about your teammates and you will discover that things get easier for you.
  • Every 1 knows it takes hard work 2 succeed;but few speak of the character that gets you 2 do the work & mental toughness that keeps u workin
  • I can’t tell you how many times a bench player has quit, & the kid ahead of him got hurt, in trouble etc. within a couple days. Stick w/it
  • Don’t be the poor soul who focuses only on the pain&sacrifices; be the winner who sees the rewards.It’s about the man you become.
  • Many will give up a season worth of fun, friendship, and life lessons because they can’t give up a week of their summer. #gottagive2get
  • Character & Mental Toughness beat Talent when Talent lacks Character & Mental Toughness.
  • The kid who doesn’t last through pre-season camp is the one who thinks he is the only one who can barely breathe or walk. #yougetoverit
  • All of those hard lessons you’ve learned along the way were likely once easy ones you didn’t want to read or listen to.
  • The 1st day of school everyone has an “A”; the rest of the year is about determining who has the #character & #mentaltoughness to keep it.
  • We will all be much better off if we stop worrying about things & simply show the mental toughness 2 focus on doing what we are asked 2 do
  • Want2bgood-work hard all week Need2bgood-get extra work in before/after practice, watch training/motivation videos, workout when not asked 2
  • Pet peeve- when coaches & teammates call players boys. Men or boys, which is easier to defeat? Everything counts; remind them to man up.
  • 9x outta 10 the person knows what needs 2 be done 2 be successful but has not developed the character & mental toughness 2 succeed
  • Huge difference between wanting vs. needing 2 win.If u need 2 win u can be specific about what sacrifices u made that your opponent has not.
  • The harder the sport, the more sacrifice it takes to play & win. Some players, teams, & towns are willing to sacrifice more than others.
  • Everyone knows how to win. The difference is not in knowing, but in truly accepting the sacrifices a person, team, town must make to win.
  • Pride? It’s when nobody is looking & u take the character way instead of the easy way. It’s being tough though u have an excuse to be soft.
  • Pride? It’s something most fools think they can get when their favorite team wins or someone buys them a new car or clothes. Nah, u earn it.
  • Pride?It’s when u get 2 practice without a ride, it’s when u practice knowing you’re hurt enough 2 sit, it’s when u arent 2 good 2 carry H2O
  • Pride? It’s when u read something the others won’t, it’s when u watch something the others can’t be bothered to, its when u just won’t lose
  • Pride? It’s when u get up 2 lift, it’s when u finish each set, it’s when u try 2 lift more than your opponent,it’s when u rack your weights
  • U can’t expect 2 do avg. people things if U play football. U can’t expect 2 do avg. football effort if U want 2 be a better than avg. player
  • Don’t compare yourself 2 those who don’t play ball, U have already surpassed them; instead Strive/Strain to be better than your opponents
  • I have always despised when people ask me if I’m gonna win.Either they r fools or trying 2 set me up if wrong. #That’swhyweplay #talkisweak
  • There’s a huge difference between saying “yeah coach, I get it” and proving you do on 4th and 1 for a playoff spot. #mentaltoughness + reps
  • If u can’t keep up with me or get on me to do better, or handle me telling u to pick it up,then we may be teammates but we ain’t brothers.
  • Q:Why does he tell me this stuff? A: B/C very few others will teach u how 2 succeed;that’s why it sounds different than what u usually hear.
  • It came time 2 stand & face the challenge of exhaustion, fear, sweat, pain, blood & sacrifice, & you will be forever proud u didn’t run/hide
  • Those who actively seek knowledge & challenging experience come 2 awareness much quicker than those who stumble 2 knowledge & have only ease
  • 1.Get there 2.Get working 3.Work with passion 4. Consistently work with passion. Each step takes a new level of character & mental toughness
  • We need a kick in the a$$ sometimes, but u will never get it if u don’t challenge yourself and/or somebody won’t let u get your a$$ kicked.
  • the ones that work the hardest always seem to have the most fun and laughs when there is a little down time
  • I have just never seen anyone have their best game, practice or workout without putting the game face on. Winners take it serious as hell.
  • It’s not that u practice, anyone decent who plays practices; nah, it’s about how u practice. How much energy & will do u bring each day?
  • Some people get a 1st down in life & think they got in the endzone, others score & then think they are done. Winners keep getting better!
  • plenty of people will try 2 hold u back because they have not the heart to keep up with your getting better and they know they will lose you
  • When u get pushed to improve do u push forward or push back? Losers push back with excuses/bad attitude/poor effort. Winners push forward.
  • When you dog it, you are not only cheating your teammates of the benefits of your best effort, but even worse, you are cheating yourself.
  • Compared to your neighbor you might seem an over-achiever, but your competition is not in town or next door. Compare yourself to opponents.
  • Who do compete against each day? The bigger your competitive radius the more motivation u have 2 work. Compete against those you don’t see.
  • Be smart enough to recognize when someone is trying to help you out.
  • Winners consistently seek out and manufacture motivation. They find a way 2 get where they need 2 be and do the work they need 2 do 2 win.
  • 4 most, a good football speech will last 5 minutes; 4 the winners it will last a lifetime. Winners don’t forget It’s about the man u become.
  • You get up & workout not because you want to, but because the only thing you fear is letting your teammates down. #rise&grind
  • Tapping snooze = tapping out
  • Quitting is easy, anyone can quit;sticking with it is tough, not everyone can grind it out when faced with pain, adversity, & inconvenience.
  • All that time gossiping & complaining uselessly inhibits progress. Working on character & mental toughness will make you and others better.
  • The average do what they want when they want.The good ones consistently do what is asked of them.The great ones do more than what is asked.
  • Character doesn’t show in the stat sheets. Instead you see it in the win column of the overachievers & loss column of the underachievers.
  • It’s not about exploiting players for wins. It’s about helping players seize an opportunity to become more than they thought they could be.
  • The race isn’t to the championship; the race is to see who can get better faster. #character #mentaltoughness Make the difference!
  • You stay in the trail of your comfort zone too long and you begin to find you have carved yourself a rut.Boredom is cured through challenge
  • Heart is giving all u can for a cause. If u have heart, u give more than others give; u give more than others can even imagine giving.
  • When u work hard you are competing/having fun.When you’re lazy u are not competing/not having fun. It’s that competition that makes it fun.
  • The harder you work, the more fun you’ll have. For some this will never make sense, but for you I hope you know why it is so true.
  • Maturity isn’t always fun, but in the end it wins.
  • Accept that there is always something you can be doing to get a little better each day. Growth is a process.
  • Believe in your best self. Feed that part of u that wants 2 grow. Focus on things that help u grow. Read, watch videos, talk to good people.
  • Start 2 recognize that your reason 4 not doing the work is justification & not an excuse & you will become aware of the power of character.
  • Hustle makes up for mistakes.
  • I am in the business of teaching people how to challenge themselves, and how to fight through the challenge so they can grow stronger.
  • I’m not in the business of teaching young people how to quit or think it’s acceptable. If they are quitting someone else taught/accepted it.
  • how long can u climb before u tire/get distracted/settle? The base is wide & the peak is narrow; more room/more people @ the base than top
  • Inconsistent effort is the same as continuous mediocre effort. Winners consistently do whatever is required to win.
  • New guys get caught up in feeling awkward. Get over it. Stop worrying, take initiative, ask questions, & show a work ethic. You will be fine
  • the foolish will respect you for foolish things; you gain respect from people of character when they see you have done what you could not do
  • All In 2 Win
  • If u r not mentally strong enough to do what you need to do, it’s likely you or someone else has never allowed you to fail and get back up.
  • Bombers were not meant to sit still together on runways.They were meant to soar high, face danger, & work in unison to annihilate the enemy.
  • Being tough enough to succeed, means being tough enough to not hold anything back, because your tough enough to #giveityourall & still lose
  • People are so happy 2 settle & know they can 1 day say “I coulda been.” But that’s just another way of saying “I never competed hard enough”
  • The same group that criticizes you for losing will criticize you for identifying & conquering the weaknesses that prevent you from winning.
  • you will be stalked by your potential until you give it some attention and feed it hard work
  • Losers focus on the pain of the moment; winners know it will end and instead focus on the good that comes from what they must endure.
  • Losers think a few workouts won’t matter. Winners have seen the results of their effort & know every single rep of a workout matters.
  • Stop fighting it and surrender to success.
  • There is always at least a little something you can do to get better. The ones who truly want to get better are never bored.
  • Stop the self-destruction. Start the self-construction
  • Winners ACTIVELY seek out information that will help them get where they want to go. They are starving for any new tip or perspective.
  • How many of the people you listen to have an interest in your being the best you can be?
  • It’s pretty simple really, if you can’t push yourself further than you think you can go, then you won’t go very far.
  • When you think you can’t, yet you do; that is where you will find your best self; that is where you will find your true confidence.
  • We have a well of #mentaltoughness. What football & lifting teach us is how 2 tap into that well; how to start, fight through & finish.
  • What you might not get is that before I can help build you up, I gotta help you see how you are pulling yourself down. I see who you can be!
  • You don’t win when you can live with losing. If you can live with losing you wont do the work it takes to win
  • a great athlete filling their head with trash is like someone putting syrup in a NASCAR gas tank. Neither player nor car are going anywhere.
  • When someone takes the time 2 teach u how 2 win, u either pay attention or u don’t. In the end it’s that choice that makes u who u are.
  • courageously speaking with the emotive weight of total investment & the intellect to have thought the position entirely through #conviction
  • Ain’t about being positive or negative;it’s about being real.Real perspective creates real change by real acceptance inspiring real action.
  • you will get more friends and be more popular if you help people get what they want; and what they want is to win. your efforts earn wins.
  • prove you can aspire to something more profound than satiating the appetite for ease and comfort and you will be worthy of something greater
  • If u are sleeping,wake up.Sitting? Stand up!Walking? Run! In the end it’s how u live your life that determines how much of your life u live!
  • Don’t be a ‘yeah it would be nice if it happened’ kinda guy;instead figure out what you want and dare to MAKE it happen #fearless #committed
  • The ones who can’t handle the grind will always try to hold you back because if you grow strong it proves how weak they chose to remain.
  • Start. Great effort. Finish. #mentaltoughness
  • Are u going 2 settle once again or will u find the strength 2 do the work u know needs 2 be done? That strength gets u out of the avg. pile
  • mental toughness allows you to keep your character when you feel lazy,tired,scared, or are taking on a challenge or things don’t go your way
  • Any good parent will teach their son character, but few are those that demand mental toughness and give them the strength to reach potential
  • a few spend the summer forging hammers,most get by & just make themselves nails; come autumn all see it’s better to be a hammer than a nail
  • “I thought it was cool” has ruined more opportunities than we ever imagine; what makes 1 cool is not sustaining, it ends, #character lasts
  • winners don’t just see what they want now, they see how the now shapes what they want in their future #connectthedotsbackwards
  • you choose to win or lose tomorrow by what you choose to do today
  • some think they could play, but chose not to; that’s not true; you have to be able to handle #thegrind; football is not for everyone #pride
  • I won’t let you fool yourself; from there u can listen & #getbetter /grow or ignore/resent me & stay the same; the choice is always yours
  • your good effort is only average to them; their good effort seems impossible to you #changethemindset #winnersdothework #consistently
  • The way 2 get in games is 2 make it as hard as possible 4 the coach 2 keep u on the sideline thru your dedication 2 the team & daily effort
  • If we don’t develop our character and mental toughness, then we will not do the work that needs to be done. Success will then elude us.
  • One way you can always differentiate yourself is to work harder than others. Do the work others are too afraid of or too lazy to do
  • When people are too afraid to leave their comfort zone & challenge their weaknesses, those weaknesses will remain.
  • The game forces players 2 discover social,physical&mental weaknesses. But by learning humility and courage those weaknesses turn 2 strengths
  • Everyone can see it is not going to be easy, Few can see that it will be worth it. In the end it’s not about wins, but the man you become.
  • trophies don’t mean anything anymore, u get 1 4 showing up, but pride over working harder than u thought u could still means everything
  • beauty of 630AM lifting is our players begin 2 see they can do what others can’t do; master fear&laziness & feel the power of their will2win
  • the most important thing my father ever said to me was no, he said it a lot, but it taught me to prioritize needs and earn what I got
  • if someone is being tough on you now, thank them, because it will make your life easier later
  • never be 2 embarrassed to step up and lead; if u care what others think then use that 2 get them 2 think about what they need to do 2 win
  • In the end your teammates are most concerned with your presence.Are u there lifting,running,practicing,winning and even losing next to them?
  • A good teammate looks 4 ways to win. A bad teammate looks 4 ways to avoid the work it takes to win.
  • the best pre-game speeches are the ones you give to yourself. Try it. Daily.
  • “they’re not sophisticated enough to get you”,hear it sometimes, but thats why they need taught,coach the men they become not boys they are
  • a big part of being a winner is being able to keep up with the winners
  • delayed gratification is a tough thing learn when you’re young, but studying gets you in college, and weight lifting gets you in the game
  • If you don’t toughen up you will later realize all the things you missed because you could only take the easy way and the easy way limits u.
  • when you make decisions about showing up/working hard do u think of your teammates who are counting on you or is it all about you? #give2get
  • When u tell some1 the reason why u avoided doing something difficult/challenging,all any1 hears is u were 2 lazy/afraid. #foolingnobody
  • When somebody offers you an excuse to avoid doing something difficult/challenging do you take it?
  • It ain’t so bad once you get going. You see results when you keep going. You see huge results when you keep going hard. #lifting #life
  • The secret to winning is the willingness to consistently listen and do. Winners hear what they’d rather not & do what they would rather not.
  • ad populum ad nauseum why #winners are few
  • The foolish and inexperienced look for success along the easy way & waste so much time.Give it up! Do the real work to reach your potential.
  • The cure for lazy is #character. The cure for fear is #mentaltoughness. The difficult path will earn you those cures. The easy way won’t.
  • Some guys spend a lot of time getting psyched and motivated to get the work done. Some guys spend a lot of time thinking up a good excuse.
  • If you didn’t let your kids play outside because it was too hot, all you did was weaken a country today.
  • Most say everyone else soft,I will b/ 2. Leaders say to peers ain’t none of us ever once gonna be soft or u will answer 2me; aka #answerman
  • If you’re defending your excuses for once again taking the easy way, only the other boys will believe you; the men of character won’t.
  • S&S player=only plays/practices when it’s Sunny and Seventy degrees. Anything colder,hotter,wetter=he home. Weather is 4 the mentally weak!
  • Everyone starts off afraid, the guys who get over it are the ones who do the work;It’s the guys who dont who r afraid
  • average=can’t take the physical and mental steps it takes to be good,aka can’t be bothered,aka something comes up when it’s time 2 #get2work
  • Will the decisions you make and actions you take today reflect the person/player you want to become tomorrow? #easyway vs. #characterway
  • Some early tests of how a season will go: attendance 1st summer weight room session, grunts during squat & bench, sprints @ 1st practice…….upperclassmen have initiative to run things without coaches, underclassmen humble and hungry enough to listen & learn from older guys……not just 2 or 3 guys setting stuff up or putting stuff away, guys staying after to finish their sets after team agility 4 quarter abs…..leaders arriving early and staying late, players speaking for themselves instead of through parents and probably the most important, guys working so hard they aren’t afraid to call teammates out 4 slacking, those called out don’t pout
  • If you don’t have a game face, you don’t have any game
  • true strength test->a man who is pissed at you looks you dead in the eye, & you don’t look down/get teary eyed but can give a mean look back
  • 1. Do what you’re coached to do* 2. Have good character* 3. Give a great effort to get better* 4. Be consistent* *on & off the field
  • Who you follow might give you a good idea where you’re heading. What you give your attention to determines what you become. #thewolfufeed
  • Where do you quit? Before you even start? When it gets tough? @ the finish line? or when you gave more than you ever thought u could?
  • academic and athletic success, aka winning, has only 3 ingredients: ability, #character, and #mentaltoughness ; you control the last two.
  • Honestly ask how much of what you have has been given to you & how much has been earned by you. True pride can not be given, must be earned
  • Your today decides your future. If your today is all about what you want today, you won’t be getting what you want in the future.#investinU
  • No 1 can give u physical strength and #mentaltoughness those things can only be earned by how much sacrifice of time, sweat, & pain u endure
  • Every day u waste an opportunity to #getbetter is 1 less chance 2 b the player/person u want 2 b. Winners don’t waste chances 2 #getbetter

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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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