Character & Mental Toughness- 23 Reasons to Win

Search for “why win?” on Google and you won’t find much.

In trying to motivate underachievers/low achievers in our various fields, our assumptions lead us to pass by the most fundamental question of all…why win?

Reasons to win, to achieve and succeed, cannot be applied across the board.  Individuals have their own core reasons for putting forth an effort to win.  Until you can help an underachiever/low achiever discover their personal core reasons for winning,  they will make little or no progress.

If you can help them find a core reason, this very personal source of motivation, you can ignite a profound change in their lives.  I see it all the time in athletes and students who trudge through their days and then suddenly become driven achievers.

This could be your child, your student or player, your employee, friend, or teammate. It may even be you in a particular area of your life where you have struggled to get going.  If you can apply a reason to win to what you are trying to accomplish, you may just find the catalyst which will speed you to victory.

Winning teams are made up of team members who have found their own core reasons for winning.  While some of these are shared, they are still individual in nature.

Be it individual or shared, the reason to win is what gets the individual or group to do the work needed to win.  It is their motivation and their inspiration.

Reasons to win change with time and circumstance.

Micheal Jordan was known to constantly look for reasons to win throughout his career.  Some of his reasons were well known.  Many were imagined or blown out of proportion.  But he always found reasons to win and used them to compete at a consistently high level.

Here is a list of 23 general reasons to win; to succeed at whatever you are trying to accomplish.

1. Hate losing

2. Keep momentum

3. Demonstrate improvement

4. Honor someone/ Show appreciation

5. Love (individual, teammate, organization, school, town, country etc.)

6. Disdain for someone (opponent, enemy)

7. Prove someone wrong

8. Be referred to as a winner

9. Gain Attention/Notice

10. Legitimize approach/philosophy/methods

11. Enjoy a Victory Celebration (Victory lap, Victory party, Dinner etc.)

12. Build Self-Esteem

13. Add to list of accomplishments

14. Make your sacrifice more meaningful and more worth the effort

15.  Be remembered

16. Get an Adrenaline Rush/ Feel Good

17. Put a trophy on you shelf (on your wall, in your driveway, on your finger etc.)

18. So others can win with you (win-win, carry a team)

19. Keep the streak alive

20. Revenge

21. Establish dominance

22. Permanence of Victory

23. Pride


Maybe pride is nothing more than the ability to access any or all of these reasons when called upon. Maybe a lack of pride is simply an inability to find a reason to win.

Again, these are general in nature.  Specify and personalize them as you see fit.


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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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One Response to Character & Mental Toughness- 23 Reasons to Win

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post. I think too often in today’s society “they” want everyone to be a winner but to succeed in life, you have to find the motivation to do more than just the bare minimum to get by.

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