Character & Mental Toughness- The Lax Jersey

One of my former players sent me this note and I wanted to share it.

“Coach I have a story you’d appreciate. This season we had a young man who was a senior. He was  awful at lacrosse, but he always worked hard and has a big heart. He was cut from the team but coach asked him to stay with us and serve as a student coach. He did the work the coaches didn’t want to all season. On the last game of the season, a game that was out of conference and after playoffs another young man(who im proud to call a teammate of mine) went to our coaches office and offered coach his jersey so the guy who did thankless work all season could play in the last game of his senior season. Coach turned him down since it was against the rules, but I thought it showed alot of caring and humility to do something like that. Experiences like that make me proud to be on this team.”

I just want you to know what is possible.

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