Character & Mental Toughness- Handle it

Last year we put together a handbook for players and parents in our program.  At the end was a glossary.  Among the entries was this one.  Many of our football alumni tell me they still repeat it when things are not going well, but they still need to be counted on to perform.

Handle It– Adversity is opportunity.  The opportunity to show your character and mental toughness, or your lack of both.  “Handle it” is a phrase that means to complete a task efficiently and successfully under great pressure;    usually applied when a person feels most overwhelmed.

For example it’s Friday night under the lights, it’s cold and pouring rain, and the refs keep making horrible calls against your team, you have gone off-sides once already, the guy you have to block is a beast, you missed a tackle, your ankle is swelling and your shoulder is sore, your girlfriend is in the stands flirting with the drummer in the band, your shoelace broke, your car won’t start, your dog is sick, your mouthpiece fell out and you are using someone else’s, you have SAT’s tomorrow and work tomorrow night, you are getting blamed for something you didn’t do, you have 3 tests and a paper due Monday, you feel a little queasy, and coach just called a play your way to win the game….

”Handle It.”  Be mentally tough enough to be counted on in any situation.

Once you “Handle It” , once you accomplish something difficult under great pressure, you will feel something you may have never have felt before…that feeling is the arrival of “Pride.”

Handle living with the expectation to perform under adversity and have the mental toughness to keep your character and get the job done under great pressure.

“Handle it.”  Repeat as needed.

Life is tough.  This might just be the two-word pep talk you need to get you through a tough time.  The next time you are feeling stressed, “Handle it.”

I just want you to know what is possible.


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Educator/Author/Speaker/HS & NCAA Coach Character Coach Read Coach Moore’s book “On Character and Mental Toughness” Paperback available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. "The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing." -Coach Bill Moore
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