Character & Mental Toughness- Easy vs. Difficult

Easy is a place in someone’s facebook.

Difficult is a place in someone’s heart.

Easy is to look at something from the near side.

Difficult is to examine all sides.

Easy is to be indifferent.

Difficult is to make a difference.

Easy is to make fun of others.

Difficult is to include others in the fun.

Easy is to pay attention when being entertained.

Difficult is to pay attention when being educated.

Easy is to be the hero in the video game.

Difficult is to just be in the real game.

Easy is to mope over disappointment.

Difficult is to accept, hope for better, and move on.

Easy is to be the toughest in the softest crowd.

Difficult is to hold your own amongst the toughest crowd.

Easy is to ask a favor.

Difficult is to recognize when someone is doing you a favor.

Easy is to build self esteem by praising the average.

Difficult is building pride by conquering the arduous.

Easy is to talk.

Difficult is to listen.

Easy is looking for outs.

Difficult is looking for opportunities.

Easy is to make mistakes.

Difficult is to make amends.

Easy is to sip, stuff, dip, or puff.

Difficult is saying enoughs enough.

Easy is to cheat and get an “A”

Difficult is to do the work and earn a “B”

Easy is to forget the needs of others.

Difficult is to treat all like brothers.

Easy is to stay put.

Difficult is to be still.

Easy is last one in, first one out.

Difficult is first one in, last one out.

Easy is to react with emotion.

Difficult is to act with composure.

Easy is to say the rules.

Difficult is to set the example.

Easy is to stand in the spotlight.

Difficult is to shine your light on others.

Easy is to sleep and dream at night.

Difficult is a dream that makes you fight your fight.

Easy is to get there first.

Difficult is to make sure others get there too.

Easy is stealing.

Difficult is steeling.

Easy is the talent you were born with.

Difficult is the ability you earned.

Easy is to be late for class.

Difficult is the class to be on time.

Easy is to avoid the pain of current self-discipline.

Difficult is to foresee the pain of future self regret.

Easy is to celebrate when you win.

Difficult is to learn from those who beat you.

Easy is to do what comes naturally.

Difficult is to do what makes you better.

Easy is “I will tomorrow.”

Difficult is finding the will today.

Easy is to understand you need to work hard.

Difficult is to work hard.

Easy is to check your phone.

Difficult is to check your phone at the door.

Easy is the initial path that leads you downhill.

Difficult are the first steps that lead you to great heights.

Easy is to complain.

Difficult is to comprehend and offer a solution.

Easy is to rest like all the rest.

Difficult is to do the work unique to the best.

Easy is to enjoy life every day.

Difficult is enjoying our daily strife.

Easy is to hit the chips and couch.

Difficult is to hit the treadmill and weights.

Easy is to make promises.

Difficult is to make progress.

Easy it is to claim you couldn’t get a ride.

Difficult it is to walk however far it takes.

Easy is to look for a job.

Difficult is to realize you already have one.

Easy is to say we care.

Difficult is to know to show it every day.

Easy is to say its not your turn.

Difficult is realizing the extra turn will do you some good.

Easy is to sit in the stands and be a genius.

Difficult is to step foot on the field and be genuine.

Easy is to learn from your mistakes.

Difficult is to learn from the mistakes of others.

Easy is the best in your town.

Difficult is the best in all around.

Easy is to do whatever you want and have others discipline and control you.

Difficult is being able to discipline and control  yourself.

Easy is to think about improving.

Difficult is improving.

Easy is to think of ways to benefit from others.

Difficult is to think of ways to benefit others.

Easy is to drop something on the floor and pretend its not yours.

Difficult is to pick something up off the ground knowing its not yours.

Easy is to love the lovely.

Difficult is to see the beauty in all.

Easy it is to go home and turn on the tv.

Difficult it is to go for it and turn on your metabolism.

Easy is to make fun of something that challenges you.

Difficult it is to accept the challenge.

Easy is getting by in all you do.

Difficult is getting better in all you do.

Easy is trying  things on until you find the perfect fit

Difficult is rocking what you have on.

Character and Mental Toughness are to live the difference.

*I saw something similar to this, but all I kept were the easy and difficult, the rest is mine.  But that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is I want my kids, and yours, to live in a better world.  That won’t happen without some effort on our part.   Plant a seed in the heart and mind that might blossom later when needed most.  We all get bombarded with so much frivolous goo. As a teacher and coach I see it every day.  I see kids with all the talent in the world, who tragically lack the character and mental toughness skills to let that talent be of use to themselves or the world.  The great achievements of tomorrow don’t come without the good decisions of today.  It’s important to be pro-active in helping others to understand what is important and that there are choices to be made many times a day that have a cumulative effect on their lives.


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