Character & Mental Toughness-Catch Hundreds to Catch One

I tore an advertisement out of a magazine a few years back.  I put it up in the glorified closet of a coaches office we affectionately call “the hole.”

That ad is just a pair of football gloved hands reaching up to catch a football.  Above the football it says,

“catch hundreds to catch one”-Larry Fitzgerald

Those five words sum up a person with great character.  A person with the humility to realize that he can still get better. A person with initiative, who sees something , big or small, that needs to be done and then does it without being told, without being asked.

“catch hundreds to catch one”

Those five words embody a person with great diligence, unafraid of working hard.  A person with focus or self- control, practicing the same skill, day after monotonous day. A person with the patience to do what it takes to become consistent.

“catch hundreds to catch one”

This is a person who set a goal, to make the one play, in the one series, of the one game, that might decide whether or not the team makes the playoffs or wins the championship.  A person with the courage to step up with the game on the line, to be unafraid to fail or succeed.  A person with accountability, who expects to be held responsible for his performance with everyone watching and everything on the line.  A person with mental toughness , who craves the pressure of being their best when the moment is worst.  A person with awareness, who realizes the moments to come and the entirety of the deciding factors involved in winning that moment.

“catch hundreds to catch one”

Those five words represent a person who has a goal in mind, and is acting on that goal.  A person with the perseverance to keep trying until they reach their goal.  A person willing to not just do enough and hope for the best, but to do more than enough in order to ensure success (notice that “s”?).  A person with heart, who gives more than others can even imagine giving.

“catch hundreds to catch one”

Within the last couple of weeks I have heard some nice things, appreciative things,  from some nice people.  Each school year I interact with hundreds, and have been fortunate enough to catch not just one, but a few.  I know I still have work to do.   I know I have to get better.

I just want you to know what is possible.


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