Character & Mental Toughness-An Offensive Lineman by Bill Moore

An Offensive Lineman

By Bill Moore

As fans leave the field and the game is done

Their discussions will be of who lost and who won

Losers heads bowed in sorrow,winners hands high in a fist

But few know what five clenched fingers mean, or even know what most miss

Everyone knows the running back, receiver, and quarterback’s name

But the unknown linemen unknowingly decided this game

For every touchdown scored that brought you great bliss

Five linemen made great plays most fans assuredly missed

Every time the quarterback dropped back and got off his pass

Five linemen did great work that kept his tail off the grass

Before the whistle they all made their line calls

Knowing one mental mistake and the quarterback falls

On the run play the lineman pulls or drive blocks his man

On the big running play it’s not just the back, but the linemen who can

Your team got the first down and the fans started clappin’

Most unaware of who most made that happen

There are only five guys who on each play get hit

Those brave nameless souls down in the pit

Be it center or tackle or guard

If your team just won trust those five just played hard

Little boys have the grandest of dreams as they slumber

Yet not one wakes up Christmas day hoping for a 50 through 79 number

There are some like truths to be told ‘til the end of time

Nobody ever stepped up to volunteer to play on the line

Each one was once given a terrible choice

Ride the bench at tight end or fullback, or start up front and men hoist

The weak and the selfish had just one more option

They quit the game rather than play ball without fanfare or caution

So upfront dwell those who most love the game

Whose heroics go unnoticed just as their name

They become one with one name called hogs or such kind

Pride from discovering fun out of misery is what the best of them find

They toil on sleds, in chutes, or early morning weight room

The toughest of men, make bright the darkest of gloom

And this will stand true as long as most are alive

You know not they exist until one gets called for a hold or going offsides

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